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We are a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to community outreach. We operate under the guided inspiration of the Holy Spirit, while reaching out to the community sharing faith, charity, and hope.


Our Mission is to evangelize and win souls for the kingdom of God as well as feed, clothe, shelter the poor, visit the sick and imprisoned.


Goal and Objective is twofold (1) provide and engage in activities and services that reach out to individuals and the community offering assistance to those in need with acts of charity; and (2) provide assistance to the less fortunate through charitable opportunities, while wisely advantageously sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ - The Truth.

This organization and the assistance provided are founded on these basic principles:
Transformation       We believe ALL can be transformed.
Restoration               We believe ALL can be restored.
Unification               We believe ALL can be unified.
Truth                          We believe ALL can accept the truth and be saved.
Healing                      We believe ALL can be healed and come into the knowledge of
We offer seven active programs with our mission and principles in mind, allowing us to meet our goals and objectives.
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